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Buy Low Price Hasbro Gi Joe Movie Ultimate Duke Figure (B001TL4064)

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Picture of Hasbro Gi Joe Movie Ultimate Duke Figure (B001TL4064) (G.I. Joe Action Figures)

Hasbro Gi Joe Movie Ultimate Duke Figure (B001TL4064)

Brand by: Hasbro Action Figure Toys

Price: $19.95

This G.I. JOE Accelerator Suit Duke figure is made for the young adventurer your life. Designed for children ages five and up, the action figure says over 100 phrases, lights up, moves at your command, and fires any of his four weapons at the push of a button. If your child is a fan of G.I. JOE, he will be thrilled to interact with this life-like character in their very own “intense” secret war missions.

Accelerator Suit Duke
    Ages: 5+


  • 4 “AA” batteries (included)
  • Phillips screwdriver to replace batteries
What We Think

Fun factor:
Ease of assembly:
Educational factor:

The Good: Life-like action figure says over 100 phrases and features “Smart” technology.

The Challenging: The figure has a loud voice–turn him off during nap time.

In a Nutshell: A famous action figure with plenty of weapons, sounds, and movement.

G.I. Joe Accelerator Suit Duke knows over 100 adventurous phrases. View larger.

This action figure is armed with four weapons and a flip-visor for night operations!
View larger.

The Life-like G.I. JOE Figure That’s Ready for Battle
The Accelerator Suit Duke figure is a little over a foot tall and is outfitted with a plastic, hard-core suit that covers his entire body. His head and arms are animated, and he has a “talking” mouth.

The figure is also armed with four weapons, so he’s prepared for any action-packed battle that he and your child might run into. With a flip of his helmet visor, the action figure will even go into Night Operations mode.

Accelerator Suit Duke is also armed with “Smart” technology–all of his extensive sounds are set to the individual mode or weapon he is using at that time. The life-like figure can also run or walk by the handle in his back being pumped repeatedly.

Role-playing and Interactive Fun
This action figure has a lot of role-playing and interactive fun to offer an adventurous child with it’s bright lights, movement, sounds, and general animation. Loaded with four different weapons including guns and spears, this action figure will have your child leaving home on many adventure-filled “secret missions.”

As a bit of a warning, Accelerator Suit Duke’s voice and sounds are quite loud–which is great for exciting playtime–but probably not for designated quiet times, such as naps.

What’s in the Box
G.I. JOE Accelerator Suit Duke figure, four “AA” batteries, three missiles, and a 9mm pistol.

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